OB-1 Air Analyses, InC.
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Joe O'Bannon, Founder/CEO

About OB-1 Air

Typical Client Profiles, Public, and Private:

  • Development entities that need to navigate public agency processes and regulations in order to begin building projects;
  • Public agencies responsible for ensuring that their constituency enjoys a safe air quality environment;
  • Environmental companies retained to provide CEQA/NEPA air quality and/or greenhouse gas analysis and recommendations;
  • Individuals or organizations that need to understand the legislative and/or regulatory AQ/GHG environment in order to plan for the future or navigate local permitting and/or compliance issues;
  • Entities that need to elevate staff or constituency understanding of the causes, history, effects, requirements, and solutions manifest in the air quality/greenhouse gas arena; or
  • Entities requiring assessment of operational contributions to existing air quality levels and customized measures that will mitigate excessive contributions and attain compliance.

Unique Qualifications:

  • Public /Private Client Experience. OB-1 has experience in both sectors and consequently staff understands how the “other side” thinks. This unique experience enables a balanced approach to resolving challenges that can predict potential pitfalls. This enables project implementation to proceed efficiently and effectively and limits potential cost overruns and project delays.
  • Wide Range of Technical Air Quality Experience. Extensive technical experience provides for the development of unique and successful connections ranging from detailed engineering to frequently changing regulatory requirements.
  • Creative Problem Solving. OB-1 exercises thorough due diligence to gain an understanding of pertinent issues at the time a project commences. Based on this understanding creative solutions are developed and assessed before submittals reach decision-makers. OB-1 always explores legally defensible, win/win solutions.
  • Broad Contact Base. OB-1 has built a contact network across various levels of industry and agencies and has earned the respect of allied professional peers.  This allows OB-1 to tap expertise and knowledge industry wide and results in discovering useful and beneficial solutions.
  • Excellent Communication Skills. Communication is the foundation of facilitation and OB-1 has communicated complex air quality concepts to a wide variety of audiences, from 5 year-olds to octogenarians, environmentalists to industry operators, and decision-makers to staff.
  • Creative Thinking. A balance of left and right brain thinking, as spoken of commonly, allows OB-1 to understand complex technical issues and at the same time develop creative solutions. This ability, combined with good communication skills, helps facilitation of strategies, negotiations, and project implementation.

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