OB-1 Air Analyses, InC.
Recognized Air Quality Expert
Joe O'Bannon, Founder/CEO

Professional Experience

Public Expertise - 20 years working for California Air Districts

  • Experience and perspective based on lengthy practice in the public realm provides OB-1 with insight of what constraints might be placed on Districts from federal and state agencies and their local decision makers (Board of Supervisors/Air Quality Boards).

  • Establishment and management of emissions inventories for thousands of stationary sources and various area sources.

  • Experience in public outreach and education involving complex air quality issues.  Clients and students have included decision-makers, the public, the press and classroom training for educational institutions.

  • OB-1 has consulted with state and local advisory boards regarding a variety of issues ranging from dairy operations to air quality issues relating to Valley Fever. Additionally, OB-1 staff has served voluntarily on local Council of Governments Technical Advisory and Policy Boards. These activities resulted in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with a cross section of public agencies.

  • Preparation, as co-author, of the Guidelines for Assessing and Mitigating Air Quality Impacts (GAMAQI) and the Air District’s Internal Environmental Review Guidelines.

  • OB-1 CEO and founder, Joe O’Bannon, received the 2001 Regional Award of Merit from the Kern County Council of Governments and Certificates of Recognitions from U.S. Congressmen, State Assemblymen, and State Senators.


Private Experience - 13+ years working in the private sector

  • CEQA Analyses – OB-1 has successfully prepared unchallenged air quality and climate change technical analyses and CEQA EIR Air Quality chapters for various development proposals by governments, public agencies, and private development entities.

  • NEPA Analyses – National environmental regulations, similar to CEQA, requires analyses from any agency whose project shall receive federal financial support. OB-1 has experience providing NEPA air quality analyses and has specific experience with General Conformity issues. General Conformity is the key requirement for continued federal support of a monies.

  • Special Studies – As an adjunct to the requirements of CEQA and/or NEPA, special studies are often required and OB-1 has completed numerous studies, specifically relating to financial backing, analysis support for an air district petition changes on air quality designations, and technical support for companies trying to navigate air quality permit requirements.

  • Inventories of Emissions – OB-1 has over a decade of experience developing criteria emissions inventories for air districts.  In addition OB-1 has experience in the preparation of greenhouse gas inventories for educational facilities, public agencies, and private companies.

  • Native American issues – Territorial Sovereignty allows indigenous tribes to govern themselves within the borders of the United States. Therefore, tribal environmental analyses are potentially different from standard CEQA and/or NEPA analyses. OB-1 has successfully completed Tribal air quality analyses for Native American tribes in several states including California, Michigan, and Washington.

  • Additional specialized experiences include peer review of professional work product, proposed and enacted legislative review, and expert testimony in civil court cases.

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