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Sample Project Work

  • 8minutenergy Solar FarmsPreparation of air quality and climate change technical assessments for three separate solar farms in Imperial County, California. Client added a fourth solar farm after the previous air consultant was unable provide a report acceptable to the local air district. Turn around was one week to rewrite the additional report. The Air District accepted the report then adopted the report as a template for future submissions by other consultants.
  • Monterey County GHG Reduction Strategies – Preparation of countywide GHG analyses and development of policies during the General Plan Update requiring sustainable land use strategies designed to reduce energy consumption, vehicle miles traveled, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The project included preparation of a GHG inventory and air quality response to comments for Monterey County. GHGs from vehicular activity and power plants were calculated for the years 1990, 2000, 2010, and 2020 to compare with AB-32 reduction strategies. Analysis of volatile organic gas emissions from County winery production was also prepared.
  • Fresno State University GHG Inventory – Preparation of a facility-wide current-year GHG inventory for the University campus operations that included estimates for purchased electricity, natural gas usage, transportation fleet, agricultural operations, refrigerants, and landfill wastes. Emissions were calculated for carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons and presented in carbon dioxide equivalents.
  • San Ramon City Center Mixed Use Project – Preparation of the air quality and climate change portion of an EIR for a project that included 489 condos, 663,340 square feet of retail, 681,770 square feet of office space, a library, transit center, and a city hall. Client commissioned OB-1 to find a way to counteract a promised challenge of air quality analysis by the Sierra Club. At the Board meeting, the project received "no comment" relating to air quality and/or climate change. One of the features deflecting the challenge was an award winning innovative mitigation measure combining drought-tolerant and low-ozone-forming potential trees for use in landscaping.
  • Salton City Landfill Expansion – Analysis of air quality and climate change impacts of the expansion of the existing Salton City Solid Waste Site. Emissions from construction and operational activities were calculated. Operational activities included emissions from on-road collection vehicles, transfer trucks, employee vehicles, and miscellaneous delivery vehicles and from off-road exhaust emissions of the various pieces of equipment used in the processing of MSW. In addition, fugitive dust emissions were estimated as a result of earthmoving activities and windblown erosion of the active landfill working area and fugitive landfill emissions. GHG emissions from landfill gas and vehicular exhaust were calculated.  Challenges included estimating GHG sequestration related to landfill gas carbon storage.
  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing Co-Generation Facility - Assessment of potential stationary, mobile, and indirect criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emission sources; nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction feasibility study; air toxics health risk assessment; and regulatory assistance to obtain an Authority to Construct for a proposed industrial facility at the Port of Sacramento. The plant proposed using green waste to manufacture wood pellets as a coal-replacement fuel source for export. Challenges included finding a way to offset the higher NOx emissions associated with the Project’s need to remain carbon neutral to the Air District's mandates regarding lowering NOx emissions.

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